Helping Families in Crisis in Greece March 21, 2017

Headwaters Relief Organization’s volunteers continued their work in psychosocial support and training in Greek refugee camps. As this humanitarian crisis continues to escalate, Headwaters is making an important contribution. Volunteers traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos. Located in the northeastern Aegean Sea, Lesbos is a short distance from Turkey and is one of several Greek islands where hundreds of refugees arrive every day. There, volunteers spent time at several settlements.

Support for Survivors of New Orleans’ Tornado February 18, 2017

On February 7th, a powerful tornado touched down in the New Orleans East neighborhood damaging homes and businesses,  injuring several dozen people. and leaving thousands without power.  This area was also severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005  and since then we have had an ongoing relationship with the neighborhood and New Salem Baptist Church providing on-going support in many forms. You can read about our history in New Orleans here.

Making a Difference in Tennessee February 8, 2017

Headwaters volunteers recently teamed up with staff from Morning Sun Financial Services and spent several days assisting with the cleanup efforts from the wildfires that devastated east Tennessee in December. Morning Sun serves as the statewide financial management service and supports brokerage agency for individuals who self-direct their services on the Self-Determination Waiver. The East region supports brokers, Vivian Abbas and Ashlee Willett, hauled debris for residents high up in the Great Smoky

Advocating Education for Refugee Children February 7, 2017

  Among the many problems that parents and children face living in refugee camps is a lack education. While the U.N has pledged to provide aid for education for these children, the funding has not materialized. Children rights organizations, including Education Cannot Wait, and humanitarian organizations that are working to provide support for the millions of refugees throughout the world have spoken out about this problem. Headwaters recently added its

Headwaters Volunteers Provide Mental Health Training in St. John January 20, 2017

Headwaters responded to a national request to assist the island of St. John with the further development of their emergency response system. A strong team led by St. John’s Community Foundation had been actively working to enhance their infrastructure for disaster response. Our team provided support in one of their areas of expertise: psychosocial support in disaster response for first-responders, health care professionals, community leaders and emergency management personnel in

Nepal volunteer shoveling dirt An Interview with Nepal Interpreter Sarah Shrestha January 16, 2017

On April 23, 2015, Sarah Shrestha did her first bungee jump. The next day was her birthday. Then, on April 25, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck her native Nepal, killing some 8,000 people and injuring 22,000. These events stand as a bookmark in the memory of this young women who lives in Banepa, in the Kavre District of Nepal. Sarah came to Headwaters through the Scheer Memorial Hospital, one of

Jameson Leo Reflections on Haiti, Student Life in the U.S January 13, 2017

Reflections on Haiti, Student Life in the U.S. When Jameson Leo returns to his home in Haiti, he will not only have in his hand a B.S. degree in chemistry and biology from Metropolitan State University, he will also be bringing a new renewed belief in helping others and carrying forward the work of NGOs like Headwaters. Here Leo tells us about his journey over the past five years, his take

Building Trust with Refugees in Greece January 10, 2017

In November, Headwaters returned to a refugee camp in Oinofyta, Greece where volunteers are working to support camp residents and children who have faced the trauma of persecution and separation from their homes and families in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.  Headwaters teams are interdisciplinary; this team included psychologists specializing in working with men, women and children. The team was comprised of both men and women psychologists so support could be

A Conversation with a Passionate Volunteer December 30, 2016

A Conversation with a Passionate Volunteer Nepolina Chhetri connected with Headwaters team members by chance at the New Delhi airport while both were en route to Nepal in May 2015. Since then, she has joined Headwaters on a subsequent trips to Nepal and later Haiti in the spring of 2016. Combining a deep intellect (she holds four degrees, including recently earning a J.D. with an emphasis on U.S. regulatory affairs

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