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For each coloring book that you order for $5.00, we will provide another child a book. Please help us distribute the books to as many children as possible.

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We know that resiliency is fostered through active engagement, skill development and empowerment. When We All Stayed Home, is a coloring book created for children and their families by Headwaters Relief Organizations’ volunteers. Our coloring book is designed to provide children and adults with the opportunity to understand COVID-19, identify normal emotional responses and process their feelings about what they are experiencing.

Headwaters has created and published eight children’s books. These books were designed to help children in response to disasters in Haiti, the Philippines, West Africa, Nepal, Puerto Rico, as well as a book for refugee children from multiple countries and a book on preventing human trafficking, through the art of storytelling. Each book is accompanied by a caregivers guide that provides instruction on how the concepts and supportive techniques can be used with children.

As children engage in the artwork and coloring, the disease COVID-19 is explained in the story. The book also includes tips on how to communicate with children; common questions children have; how to build skills to teach children to protect themselves, common reactions to stress in children, support to families on home schooling and supportive strategies for self-care for those providing home-schooling.

Headwaters Relief Organization is a 501 (c) (3); 100 % of all donations go to the people we serve.

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