National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster – VOAD

Headwaters Relief Organization is a member of National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) and a member of its Minnesota state affiliate MN VOAD. The mission of VOAD is to “…serve as the forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle—preparation, response and recovery —to help disaster survivors and their communities.” Headwaters Relief is a unique VOAD partner in that we have expertise assisting those with physical disabilities and mental health concerns, conditions often exacerbated by the circumstances of disaster.

VOAD members consist of  large disaster relief organizations including the Red Cross and Salvation Army, plus many faith-based and other smaller disaster relief organizations. The organizations has 110 members and has served in all 50 states, 4 territories and the District of Columbia. VOAD members collectively orchestrate disaster-related activities including disaster preparation, disaster response and recovery efforts. National VOAD promotes whole community collaborative relationships and practices throughout the disaster cycle.  Recognizing that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient, self-reliant communities nationwide, the organization also facilitates partnerships with government agencies, for-profit corporations, foundations, educational and research institutions, and other governmental agencies.

During a response to a disaster, VOAD coordination occurs on the ground and via conference calls with all involved VOAD members including Headwaters Relief nationally and in Minnesota. The following are links to national VOAD and its state affiliates.